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Desert Safari with Land Cruiser pick up & drop off For AED 89

Desert Safari with Land Cruiser


  • Option 1 : Desert Safari for adult with Land Cruiser pick up & drop off For AED 89

  • Option 2 : Desert Safari for child with Land Cruiser pick up & drop off For AED 79

  • Option 3 : Desert Safari with Quad Bike for adult with Land Cruiser pick up & drop off For AED 159

  • Dune bashing (Adventure drive in Desert)

  • Henna painting

  • Arabic Dress photography

  • Unlimited water,tea,coffee





  • Pick up timing : 2:45pm to 3:15pm

  • Drop off timing : 9:00pm to 9:30pm

  • Pick up by land cruiser 4x4 any location in Dubai

  • No entertainment shows, Music during the month of Ramadan


  • Voucher is valid till 31/08/2017
  • Partner conditions

  • under 2 years old free

  • For Booking : +971-4-2288131,055-6780115, +971-4-2551510

  • Minimum 24 hour advance booking required (subject to availability)

  • Minimum 24 hour cancellation required

  • Printed Avia Toursim voucher must be presented

  • Voucher forfeited on late cancellation (subject to discretion of Avia Tourism LLC)

  • Not valid in conjunction with any other offer or promotion

Desert Safari with Land Cruiser
Desert Safari with Land Cruiser
Desert Safari with Land Cruiser

You can get plenty of desert safari deals from us which will help you plan your trip without any hassles at all. All you have to do is select the deal that fits your budget from below and we will take care of the rest.

The best part is you can not only get the best deals for the ride in Dubai but we offer wonderful rates for Desert Safari UAE as well. Which basically comes down to this: Get in touch with us if you are visiting Dubai or other emirate in the UAE for desert safari and we will make sure you get the best and the most exhilarating experience.

Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai desert safari is a nice blend of adventure, fun and enjoyment. Enjoy the beauty of nature with our best Desert safari drive in Dubai and capture the desert sunset with all the myriad colors in the night sky of the desert. The Desert Safari Dubai itinerary includes three entertaining shows, Belly Dance, Tanoura and Fire Show. Desert Safari ends with a dinner that is prepared by some of the best chefs with veg and non veg options.
True Dubai Experience in Desert Safari
Being one of the staples of Dubai’s tourism, the city offers some of the best deals for desert expedition in UAE. Explore Dubai’s vast dry river beds or wadis alongside some of the most experienced drivers. Dubai tour offers an exciting and adrenaline filled journey across the sandy dunes and rocky mountain passes, with luxury and safety being one of its top priorities. Moreover, the adventure doesn’t ends at riding the sandy tides as there are other attractions like trekking along Hatta Mountain and Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Hatta Mountain trek offers some of the most picturesque views that the city has to offer. A tour across the Hatta Mountain lets you explore two centuries old Hatta Village as well as the Hajar Mountains. From its 16th Century Fort to lush landscapes, Hatta Mountain Tour is something you should be looking forward to during your stay in Dubai.

Deals For Desert Safari

With years of experience behind our backs, Exoticdealz.com offers some of the best desert safari deals and payment options to all of its valued customers. Equipped with luxurious 4×4 vehicles and professional drivers, the company is committed towards making your trip to Dubai, extra special. Our company’s aim isn’t just to offer a run across the dunes; it is to give you an experience of your lifetime. From morning safari Dubai & evening safari tours to Hummer desert safari trips and everything in between, our company is dedicated towards letting you experience Dubai to its fullest. Our company entertains groups of all sizes and offers some of the most competitive deals and customer care. So when next time you are in town, have fun with Dhow Cruise Marina & Creek Dhow Cruise, Also experience the wilder side of with desert safari Dubai and buckle up for an unforgettable experience of your lifetime.
Reasons You Should Love Dubai Desert Safari

You can never have enough of desert safari even if you visit it ten times because it has so many wonderful activities. If you come to know about the amazing things desert safari has to offer, then no matter what part of the city or the world you belong to, you will immediately book a Dubai Desert Safari deal as they are very lucrative. Buying a deal is an amazing way to make your trip to Desert Safari Dubai more economical, amazing and hassle-free. Here are few tempting

Going for a desert safari deal helps you save a lot of money because firstly you buy all the activities in a bundle which reduces the cost. Secondly, Dubai desert safari deals also include pick up and drop services so this means you have to bear no additional commutation costs. Finally, the most obvious way in which desert safari deals help you save money is because desert safari deals offer discounted prices so you can actually save a lot. Different desert safari deals have different prices so comparing while opting for a suitable one is actually useful.

One more reason to opt for desert safari deals is to save time, as you already know what time you will be picked up and how much time you are going to stay there so you can plan your trip ahead as in what you want to do and how much time it requires. The desert safari deals also have information regarding how much time you can spend on a specific activity so you are in for a time-saving entertainment if you are here for a short trip.
Desert Safari Dubai becomes very hassle-free as you can enjoy the beauty and thrill of the place without any kind of stress or worries as the desert safari deal includes every activity that you can participate in whether it is free or paid. It also includes how many minutes can you enjoy a certain activity so you simply have to book a desert safari deal and enjoy yourselves to the maximum. In addition to this, as the desert safari deals include pick and drop services so you don’t have to g through the hassle of booking a cab or finding one on the streets. This makes your life much more convenient so you definitely need to love desert safari deals.
Thus, if these reasons don’t convince you to grab an amazing and suitable desert safari deal for yourself, then we wonder what actually will. So don’t just keep on over thinking and make the most of your life by simply booking a cheap desert safari which not only helps save your money but also saves ample time. However, these are not the only reasons that you should fall in love with the profitable and enjoyable desert safari deals as there are a lot more which you can only discover when you finally take a tour to Dubai Desert Safari.

Dubai Desert Safari

Then there is a Dubai Desert Safari that is famous all over the world. It is a unique thrilling experience that is nothing short of incredible. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting Dubai for the first time or have been there before, the sand dunes and the stunning landscape offers a ride unlike any other in the world.
Activities You Can Enjoy in Dubai Desert Safari

There are a number of amazing, thrilling and worth remembering activities in Dubai Desert Safari that you are going to enjoy. You can’t compare the fun you get by trying one with another because each one outdoes the other. These activities are surely going to make your day amazing with a lot of new things to surprise you if you are not a resident of Dubai. You can make the best of your time in Desert Safari Dubai without having to worry about anything when you have already booked Desert Safari Deals so you can enjoy to the fullest. You have different desert safari timings to choose from if you tend to stay busy in the evenings you can take a short desert safari in the morning which also includes a number of activities. Then you can also enjoy a beautiful experience with the amazing evening desert safari which is filled with much more activities, lavish dinner arrangements and a picturesque view of the setting sun. Want something better? Try the starry and dreamlike overnight Desert safari Dubai where you can experience staying outside in Bedouin camps which will definitely be an awesome experience during the Dubai Desert Safari with the amazing view of the rising morning sun.
Well, if you need to know about the different activities in detail then here is a shot list of several activities that you will enjoy in most of the Dubai desert safaris:

Dune Bashing

To most people the whole experience of Dubai desert safari revolves around the adventurous venture of dune bashing where seated in a 4×4 vehicle you enjoy bashing sand dunes. This is definitely one of the worth trying experiences during Desert Safari Dubai where you not only have an amazing time but get to get the feel of the desert without having to walk around. The experience of dune bashing feels even better during the evening desert safari Dubai where you get to witness the beauty of the setting orangish-yellow sun offering a sight worth capturing although you can also enjoy it during the morning Dubai Desert Safari. So if you are good at photography you can capture a beautiful image with your camera that will look nothing less than the post card pictures and will be an amazing memory of your time at the Desert Safari Dubai. Dune bashing is definitely going to be one of the most thrilling experiences not only during the desert safari but during your whole time in Dubai. If you choose an exclusive Dubai desert safari deal, then you can enjoy the dune bashing just with your family in the exclusive vehicle.

Sand Boarding

Do you want to have still more adventurous time? If yes, then trust us the desert safari Dubai isn’t going to be a disappointment in any case because you will have an amazing time because you will experience a lot more than you expect. Another attractive activity that you can enjoy during desert safari is the sand boarding which is quite similar to snowboarding. If you have enjoyed snowboarding some time in your life then congratulations you are already experienced enough for enjoying sand boarding during the desert safari Dubai. It is very safe and enjoyable as you don’t have to fear falling hard because you have sand all over you but perhaps you need to watch out for your clothes they might get a little too dirty. However, when you are here to enjoy the desert safari, then why care about clothes so you need to make the most of each and every moment so you have no regrets left once you leave the place.

Quad Biking

If dune bashing and sand boarding are not enough to satisfy your adventurous streaks during the Dubai Desert Safari, then you definitely need to try quad biking. It is definitely a very exciting and fun-filled experience you are most likely to love during the desert safari Dubai. The bikes are super stylish and have amazing speed so you can think of yourself as an action movie protagonist while riding one such bike. Safety precautions have been kept in mind and the track designed for quad biking, during Desert Safari Dubai, is smooth enough to help you enjoy an amazing biking experience without having to fear about anything.

Camel riding

How can you exactly enjoy the desert safari Dubai when you don’t get o try the traditional ride of the Arabs? If you want to live it like Arabs do, then camel riding is your ultimate chance to do so because this will help you enjoy the real heritage of Dubai. You will ride a camel under the supervision of a professional on a set route that is in a circle during the desert safari Dubai which has been made this way so the camel ride does not become problematic when the light is not sufficient. Hence, camel riding is worth a try when you want to make most of your desert safari Dubai trip.

Belly dancing and Tanura Shows

If you book the evening or overnight desert safari Dubai, then you will definitely have an amazing time enjoying he awe-inspiring and stunning dances that are presented. The dancers are beautiful and gorgeous ladies dressed up in authentic and glamorous belly dancing costumes who display their skillful moves on the harmonious tunes of Arabic or English songs. The dance becomes more enjoyable when enjoyed with the famous Arabic pipe known as Sheesha. The dance is definitely a worth-seeing performance if you are a lover and appreciator of arts. However, many argue that belly dancing was never part of the cultural heritage of UAE but still it is definitely a prominent part of the desert safari Dubai and one of the most entertaining ones too.

Refreshments and Dinner

If you book the amazing but short morning desert safari Dubai, then you don’t have to worry about feeling thirsty as the desert safari deals include unlimited drinks and water keeping in view the weather of the desert. This offer is valid during evening and overnight desert safari as well but they also have additional good news for the food lovers, which is in the form of a lavish and delicious dinner buffet. The dinner at the Desert Safari Dubai has a vast variety of scrumptious, aromatic and succulent dishes that not only tantalize your taste buds making you crave for more but also help you enjoy the aroma and presentation of the food. For some people the taste of the food defines the amount of fun they had during a trip this extravagant dinner at the desert safari Dubai is surely going to help them feel satisfied. Hence, desert safari Dubai does not fail to impress you in each and every activity it has to offer which makes the experience more delightful.

Other Activities

These other activities at the desert safari Dubai are also not less entertaining in any way. You can have great time getting henna applied and enjoy the beautiful designs the skillful people applying it produce on your hands or feet wherever you want. I addition to this, during overnight desert safari Dubai you can enjoy staying in the Bedouin camps all through the night to witness the beauty of the spectacular starry sky at night and the awesome view of the rising sun at dawn. If you hadn’t have enough, then you can also get a picture taken with a falcon at the Desert Safari Dubai, to help you capture one of the most beautiful experiences during this time.

Thus, desert safari is a very awesome experience and you definitely need to try it once in your lifetime to enjoy an adventurous and exciting time in Dubai. The Dubai desert safari has a lot more to offer which you can unravel only and only if you plan to try Desert Safari Dubai so you certainly need to book a desert safari deal right away.


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